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Bob Mclain
Friday, July 14th

Social Security COLA increase; CWP; TWA 800


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Never get tired of hearing this music and even after about a twelve or fifteen years to the stirring strains of composer rob Wayne's. Team from the John Adams miniseries that was on HBO a number of years ago. Wonderful piece music great soundtrack I don't know if you ever saw the mini series but this piece of music in the background when they open each episode. Of the miniseries shows he Gadsden flag. In the background and and this music playing you say it's pretty stirring stuff. Great to have you along kind of a depressing day with the news and and it just talked about but. Here we are ready to wrap up the workweek on a Friday free for all the all skate as we like to college and as all the way is your input. Is invited and encouraged and is welcome. So here we go. Getting underway and Ingles advantaged hotline number for you to use to join me NBA part of the conversation this afternoon and 800. 3471063. The text align number common sense retirement planning text align center anyone threes are seven in my email address Obama. At 1063. WL RD dot com I get her back there you go getting underway with a first of four here on Friday and sad note where this tragic. Horrific shooting that started at the main and stone garage. Downtown. And ended bound by them Greenville Pickens speedway. Last night. There is enough sympathy to go around for everyone involved here. For the families of those that were touched. By this needless. Tragedy. Families grandparents. I you can you can only imagine. How hurt. They are abide by these events. And let us not forget is any mentioned in the newscast the police officers. Involved here. Was actually a news photographer for a much channel four who is on his way home last night. And who spotted the vehicle and recognized it from the description that the police are given and alerted the authorities. And Pickens County. That and he knew the location of the vehicle and you can only imagine. Of shock. The horror. Out of those officers felt upon arriving and discovering. The body of this woman to. By all reports was responsible for committing these horrendous murders including. Not taking the life of a five year old and a nine hurled. And their guilt in this situation a swat. Hapless victims. To fate. And I would imagine I've never been and that position. As a law enforcement officer but I can only imagine. I helped traumatize you would be for the officers. To find this this woman who apparently shot herself. After having killed. A five year old child and on your coach. Is many of these officers are married have families of their own. And it is. Incomprehensible. You can only you can only think that down. There was a screw it somewhere. Otherwise so why why else would you be driven. So murder three other people and yourself. Including taking on the lives. Of these. Helpless children. Truly a tragedy. So there is semi some good news today. For those of us of a certain vintage. You'll be happy to hear I saw this morning. There is a report now. That after having gone. Years. Without a cola. Cost of living adjustment. Social Security actually is going to get a benefit most. In the eight India next fit in the next fiscal year. I may remember all the way back to 1983. That adjustment was delayed. Until January of the next year in 1984. And there were no increases whatsoever. During three years of Barack Hussein Obama. Who am boots presidency. No increases. 20102011. And 2016. And it's it's very easy to see. The of the graph that's that's on this story which is several more assists from eight feet. Millions of Americans who rely on Social Security can expect to receive their biggest payment increase in years. This January. This according to projections were released by the trustees who oversee the program but. The Associated Press cautions older American shouldn't get too excited the increase is projected to be. Ducked out of. 2.2 percent. Or about 28 bucks a month for the average recipient. But hey it's better than the nothing. That. It was a toll increase. In 2010 to 111 and 2016 and Social Security recipients of go on years with tiny increases in benefits. This year they received an increase of three tenths of 1%. We. Don't spend it all in one place. After last year receiving. Yes splat. Zip zero zilch nada. They trust he's projected Medicare part B premiums. Will remain unchanged. Next year that's that's good news most beneficiaries pay about a 134 bucks a month. Though retirees with higher incomes do pay more. Social Security's cost of living adjustment and the a Medicare part B premium will be announced officially. In the fall. They trustees' released the 2018 projections. Yesterday along when their annual warning. About the long term financial problems of social security and Medicare the federal government to bedrock retirement programs. They too Ponzi stick you keep claiming. Are perfectly fine nothing this year Garcia if you wanna city. The money in the Social Security trust fund they would direct you to West Virginia. To a big government facility which contains. Not thousands upon thousands maybe millions of file cabinets containing. IOUs. Try take and that. To angles to buy your groceries. And I Gary and there's no. More than 61 million retirees and disabled workers spouses and surviving children receive. Social Security benefits the average monthly payment. 1253. Dollars Medicare provides health insurance to about 58 million people most of whom are only 65. Unless congress acts they trust funds that support Social Security estimated to run dry in 2034. These same year as last year's projection. I see we just keep kicking this can down and this is thanks a lot slink away away. Who wanted to make sure he can tell the American people we balanced the budget. So we joined the money in the Social Security trust fund and put him back in the general fund. In order to make the books not the way he cooked them essentially cook the books to make them ballots. Not congress allows either of these funds to be depleted that would be on social security. And Medicare. They trustees warned that the longer congress waits to address the program's problems are harder obedient sustained. Social security and Medicare without steep cuts in benefits. Big tax increases or both for example in 2034. Social Security projected to have a 546. Billion dollars shortfall. This is starting to look like that Teamsters pension fund. Which would grow to more than three trillion. In me out in the first five years following. 2034. They present and as promised not to cut Social Security or Medicare. Though his budget proposal for next year would reduce Social Security disability benefits by nearly seventy billion dollars over the next decade. But then again. There are deserving people receiving disability payments but how many times and we've seen investigations. That show. As some guy who's a retired on disability because he got a bad back. And he's out working on his boat you know complex and golf so is it is an abuse is there. Are there are people who are cheating the program without question. Night in on a tax line quickly a Bob when you Hugh leatherman. Finds out about the Social Security increase he'll try to find a way to plunder. The elderly. Really already is along with a young and the metal waged. When this. Gas fee. Increased sixteen after three year on the body match or take a quick break here Friday free for all rolls on a reminder that when everyone talk about is fair game here on Friday. Meantime they Republican House boy these guys are as conservative as can be. They have approved a taxpayer funded. Plan. To provide something for our military. But it's not weapons. I'll tell you on what it is when we come right back. TG IF addition. Hey wait a minute. Well and three Tony won 21 after three here are the body Maxiell Amir quickly catch up with the text align 71307. Bob about. People like cheating on nine disability I know three people off hand who are drawing disability and working. What do you think there would be awaiting government can cross check that's our. I tried that went down that would golfer efficiency and that's something that we rarely see and the federal bureaucracy. Apparently Bobby Mack from what a caller set on the Tara show this morning you broadcast from a script. All always keep up the great work I'd tune in daily Justin from day can smell. How could anybody have enough time during the day to sit down and write out a script. For a daily lives for our radio program. Cool cool cool thing we'll do low. Now like we used to reference material. Which is always right here in front of me. But broadcast from a script now the entire program is as as they say and Latin and Lil. In a back in the days of the early days of television. That's why many of the weatherman or former disc jockeys or radio broadcasters. Because of weather was the only part of the newscast. That wasn't scripted. The teleprompter came along of course but Mattel truckers are still not used for the weather. And as a recovering TV meteorologist myself I know that. Not in in place of the teleprompter Rawlings script on a camera that you're looking at you actually are looking at yourself in front of the map. Which is rear screen projected on on what's called a green screen might use in the movie it's. But down. That's that's why a TV exacts hired former radio broadcasters. They have they were capable of at a wedding the entire weather forecast when no problem. As opposed him loose some malaria television. New rules I girls who law deal in nov pomposity and the rest but. Not safe this this expression is not safer for friendly lesson. I'm I give me that that had. As a friend of mine used to sail. Many the FTV new news anchors couldn't and Limbaugh fart in a been factor. Don't say I didn't warn. And not and by the way for that that call artist territorial that's that's right here are my script for today. As I knew I was gonna get that text message that's why put it in the script. Bob my anger over the death of two innocent children by their own mother cannot be overstated I don't care what your problems are period. Drop them off with a friend and then kill yourself zero excuse. Bob Ford dead underlying reason adultery. No we don't know. That Isiah. Proven fact that. And I and about Nancy Pelosi in the newscast until Nazi policy. Calls for an investigation into the Clinton crime family go home. Hypocrite. Piedmont is or where my leadoff batter is based today that is neem Moe. Welcome name all and congratulations on being a lead off on the Friday free for all. Are you there Nemo. Hi dear all. We are community. I think that's amazing. Feeling and again let me get right to the point here sure. Why can't they see WT I have ever since it started issue in the South Carolina. That's about my short cycle shattering news you can bring to. Those sooner than ninety days before your expire. Right yeah I just I just. I just went through the the recycling project there myself more than the last year. Anyway. I did it on the computer which had the incident that puts the payment every time. Ten time. Might have. Two WT expires next Wednesday. Well this for the first time heart problem. The first black art renewed. I call them up and up stepped Tillman to give me the same song advanced every time yeah. Well in my state got lost in the mail. I'm thinking that this suggestion that he popular way to grab seat at the European holders but again as surely it looked like a lot of them helped. Three different times so birchard at twelve years now you know and it's. Wondered maybe maybe some of your other. Blisters kid. Always with the same experience. Now I'm now I have never had that happen to me the name of I would but I can see it happening. And and I would suggest you know the old expression forewarned this forearm. Since we're talking about being armed. Why not send it back to them registered mail signature required. Well it's easier to do I want to make that made you return email which certify that it was so. You know they had the information and payment Eric. Amateur but still I still does no good if you don't have a renewed right. Try not it's an eight. I could see maybe one solution get in the top that this was the third time that I've gone through the renewal process. And three times now. That lasted in the mail suppose that like I don't believe that for a it and stand. Believe they're doing it because they were don't like having to issue seem to be pleased to oh please come political. I've I think out I think they have been in for EU. Nemo knocked it not financing districts against any any paranoia. On my part although although I don't hesitate to point out that even paranoia it's do you have real enemies. Well let stroke that Bob Fletcher lifestyle I don't think that could indicate exactly you wouldn't think so. That's right but. Maybe maybe you have ticked off somebody. I would then the belly of the beast of the B a currency accent. They and they got an asterisk beside your name death the burden Colombian mnemonic Ayers name always backed her knew all let's mess with the aim again. How am I wouldn't I wouldn't put it past. Well although I didn't I didn't wake amateur YouTube Nemo thanks a lot although that ascribed to them. A level of efficiency that nice. Outings since. Columbia. But that that's that's just me. Bob congratulations. You found Nemo. Well actually he found me but it new you know what what today. Bob when you're dealing with a state a registered mail certified etc. doesn't get you very far I'm stunned to hear that. Shocked and some to the east. I'm Bob renewed my C WP twice so far and no issues go well makes my point they've got a bench for Nemo. Or for summaries. Oh here we go with a scam stuff. Don't know maybe not web site let me read this I'll go into Bonnie my wife just called me in a panic against Duke Energy was there to install a Smart meter. She refused entrance and the guy said we're going to be fine. I've read about the Smart meters not good any insight on this power grab Brian from Greer yeah essentially. They got us where they want us. You either take the Smart meter or. They find you in. Or knows what else probably come enough. Take your firstborn male child or something. Now Bob I've I've got the lost in the mail excused myself but I'm only renewed once. And so who knows laugh out while. Bobbie I heard that caller on Tera show sounded like a liberal Stoner. That would surprise me. Bobbie you must be a psychic. To know what textures rules say. I do have many talents but being carnac the magnificent is not. One of them. Oh what is it oh yeah Bob. If you read this text. Please use the most nerdy voice you have. I love me. Well the good news is that I know which bridge filtered and he'd. On the downside and volume of robo calls to my phone and as increased. Exponentially. Pretty sure this won't continue in perpetuity year. Anything like that. We're running some ads. Then you can known. Automatically have your fridge filters and tickets along with a French children goes out I go on by a new went and put them all right takes about two seconds. Now Bobby question is it better to have a salaried position or work two to three jobs in the South Carolina economy. Is working a salaried position a waste of time well depends on the position. Now what your what you making for rent. And and along with that. Whether there are benefits. Associated with that salaried position what's gone on the news sent money penny we Redick. OK got 331 here in the Bobby Mack show this was a near call. When he Republicans in the house trying to approve. Some taxpayers funding for the troops for something that. It's kind of unbelievable but then again. And not in 21 century America be right back. Friday free for all rolls on here on 1063. WL RG. 3:40. Tony before 4 o'clock George baker selection and the Niagara. Yeah agreeing manga. In on my aunt tax line 71307. Now about a mag Nemo is paranoid. I myself my wife mom and dad never had any problems getting our CWP. Renewed. And that's one now right out of on my playbook here just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they are coming for no kidding. Now Bob I'll remind Nemo his CWP is still valid passing expiration date as long as his renewal was filed. When they and they are correct time period. Bob about that duct caller this morning to Tara who said your show is scripted. You'll catch my drift and I and I do. Bob why would that idiot talking about your show being scripted even think you're working from a script what media outlet planted that idea. In a total grape. Bob guy showed up at my house also and sent him I didn't have the new box install this a Smart meter from Duke Energy. It would be a fine. Asked him about my bill going up and he replied this was going to save Duke Energy from having to come out to read your meter. Laugh now Lannan felt they already did that so glad via cash contest is coming back on Monday. Can't wait. Brighten early Monday morning was Karen Allen the last one on Monday. And down right before five in the afternoon and Bob why didn't president trump just tell France's First Lady that she had a smoke cannot mod for a high or higher mileage brought. And that way the liberal media would be complimenting him for being more like Bill Clinton. No kidding. Bob when your speaking in that soft whispering tone of voice was at York super sensitive. In. Bob the caller with a CWP renewal can carry with the receipt of renewal but can't purchase when that. Until he has as actual card and hand thanks Johnny Horton from its Barbara thanks John thanks amount of people wanted to comment on this as well and Michael. And now boiling spring time I can welcome to the Bobby match up. They probably good to hear from haven't spoken to you know a couple of years. Almost skull and if you know if you have a seat at the cut it to six months to get. All all the jobs and he would over the CWB. Them actually had. That is that is too much like coming from sent a central casting the guy that got her sled who heads up the CWB's installed. Bob Johnson. It. Is his name he's the this that slid cheeks well. What about now are watching you eat. Not and enough people were out late result violate this label veteran right they want the fruit. I don't let her pay it they were out here. Be safe sure and I'm. At their standing in more sir come back person and copy a mob VA card ritual was ridiculous. The colliding at waiting buying. Slurry. And I I'd get a letter of short ears or there can only. I got to get a letter or fears or Burke county. I jaw from liquid. This all the small art call. Talk to assisted G platform that he chief curry all the water I mean yeah bad public chocolate probably backed Clinton was the assessment. He was over deceit that deeply in lifting in one week my GWB king in the middle. Now squeaky squeaky wheel gets the oil there I'm. Did they ask you for a blood sample as well Michael. Well. Are also lashed out on. It now they're not that it was the ladies down there that run in the place they all need now. All the yellow ones retired. The result much brand new web and I guess they don't understand the starting to roost or written now see get EP package. They yes explains that they do a lot is necessary. And but even more popular mob medical records and up total that none of other data on all my idol record is a little bit. Dryden and those that are around that privacy laws sub protect anybody Siena as well I'm glad that you finally got its renowned Michael and man I just say. I thank you for your service and you era on sacrifice in the military as well greatly appreciated. You do Michael good to hear from the quarter before four here on the Bobby Mack show me quickly get to a to this story. Other vote failed in the house 214. To 209. What was the boot the vote about. The house narrowly rejected a measure yesterday. That sought to eliminate the Obama era practiced a requiring the Pentagon. To pay for. Gender transition. Surgeries and hormone therapy. Yeah there was a there was I'm during the Obama administration. They instructed the Pentagon to pay for transgender surgery fortunately the house voted yesterday. To do away with that. The right back here in the bunny Mac Friday free for all. You know whether there expensive. Medium priced or cheap sunglasses this is a time here you certainly need to. 352 and before four here on the Bobby match up and had no warrant snacks and you may recall we were discussing yesterday. Some months of new information is cannot about. TWA flight hundred a flight 800 the a flight that of course it's a supposedly according to the NTSB reports an FBI. X was a destroyed by central fuel tank explosion in 747. Ray was whether she yesterday and asked him to read the piece that was written by a Thomas eon. About having witnessed a video that appeared to show a missile strike bring you down and he said he would end he's good as his word he's back today I ran welcome. Yes. I agree you do a lot of information about that after I talked yesterday. And I've got an innocent Mariel. Terrorism that I'd say in that that was. It was because witnesses said they saw stopped coming from the ground going towards the airplane. There was bullet holes at the bottom of the plane that the FBI would not let anybody who photographs of. Bullet holes. What polls. And make it big question that they ask was where did that spark come from terabyte it well I have a feeling that. It could be 1230. My how many people were firing guns but they were shooting. Tracer rounds. Ticket see where they were Colin. Yemen that doesn't look the same as as tea as an idea blowback or the they don't the trail. From a missile does it. No but they expect that had been just state separately help. Somebody's story just to cover up that they these were actually people fired at the bottom side of the plane which is not armored. Now when that happens. I was in California working on 757. And then had made peace clearly put cattle are. In all other day. Tell. The other bank hell. On top of that they had it all up her pick gearbox. Electric. Electronic and can control which it on the gearbox. I could figure out why are we do all that stuff yeah community. But it does say that well but bullet hit that does not eat seals not that plane right at the air it and it'll come out there also stopped short. Because there's nothing controlling the fuel anymore. I'm curious about something very wasn't. Wasn't that TWA flight 800 at an altitude that would have been out of range of small arms fire or something some other kinds of bullets. In and out because it was on take off. Now. What I would overrule it in my own mind is that. Rotation speed up all of the Boeing airplanes is that 176. Not. Yeah that's that's a lift off speed right. Yeah yeah vicinity hit 1786 you could start pulling back on Leo it's like gays and altitude. Twelve Bennett sent to the flight would have put that thing only had 101000 feet. By Bert noise abatement. And just say these engines. They they would have the air turned go up further. Birdie. Passengers. So that all the air stolen through the end just to build them the other powers possible for takeoffs. And does. At that point they would probably not be bored I would say than 2000 feet high which is. Well within range of thirty goes sixes. What you have you know Trace around. And a lot of stuff is readily available and he ought to go very far to find it. One thing and a curse or lire from watcher telling me. Are you know a a non believer in the NTSB NF BI ripped story that the central fuel tank exploded. Well that settled fuel tank probably exploded but what does that they are. AL what had tracer route does then it's still are young and exclusions and that they can't based fuel tank is. That it is that twelve man sent to the flight in almost pressurized. From the heat it's absorbing that it'll be in absorb. Our state is built absorbing heat from the engine project really charted out I at that point. You gotta keep that payroll warming her outfit fuel providers don't work right. You know it's it's and it's curious to me thank you ray I appreciate your following up and and and and getting back Jimmie when that information it's curious to me you know one thing. That just doesn't smell right about the whole deal with TWA 800 the way the FBI came down. Immediately. And took over the investigation all all these crashes whether it's a 747. That explodes in mid air. Or is an Amtrak train that. The NTSB is the lead agency on all of these kinds of accidents that is there. Sole purpose and and reason for existing. And for the NTS vetoed then. Essentially out shoved into the closet and the FBI take over this thing just screams that. There was something untoward going on and something being covered up. We may never know what. Our number two real Bobby Mack Friday free brawl is on the way to your next stay right there.