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South Carolina Pros Discuss The Bassmaster Classic

Video of 106.3 WORD Talks to Jason Williamson Phillip Gentry The eyes of South Carolina are upon two local pros who are competing in this weekend’s Bassmaster Classic held on Lake Hartwell. BASS Elite anglers pride themselves on being able to quickly find fish catching patterns wherever they go,... Read More

Advice From A Veteran Turkey Hunter

Phillip Gentry With less than two weeks before the Opening Day of the 2018 Wild Turkey hunting season, many Upstate turkey hunters are getting their calls tuned up and practicing for that first conversation that will hopefully occur just after daylight on Opening Day. The Eastern Wild Turkey is... Read More

Crappie Fishing Tactics

Phillip Gentry I’ve chased crappie all over much of the Southeast and have always been fascinated by the different tactics employed by anglers in different locales. To that end, I have put together an outline with some brief explanation of how, when and why these tactics work best. The first thing... Read More

Wild Game and Fish Preparation Begins In The Field

Phillip Gentry Most sportsmen inevitably become at least proficient in preparing wild game and fish entrees for the simple fact that spending so much time hunting and collecting it makes you want to eat it. While wild game and fish recipes run the gamut from no preparation at all to extravagant... Read More

How To Follow The Bassmaster Classic

Fishing fans in the Upstate have been looking forward to the return of the Bassmaster Classic ever since the final day of the event in 2015 when native son Casey Ashley from Donalds, South Carolina was crowned the Classic champion. With the return of this event in just a few weeks, anglers should... Read More

School For Crappie

It’s no surprise to anyone who has ever spent any time on the hopeful end of a fishing rod that crappie, one of the most sought after gamefish species in the country, travel in schools. It may be a surprise to learn that anglers will have the opportunity this month to even the odds by attending... Read More

Something To Crow About

The long period between the end of deer season and the beginning of turkey season can wear long on some hunters. To pass the time, many focus on other species to hunt such as ducks, hogs, coyotes and small game. An often overlooked but highly addictive small game hunting species is the crow. Crows... Read More

Winter Perch Jerking

If you’ve been hibernating so far this year, now is a great time to get out and try your hand at some white perch fishing. First, we’ll have to answer the question – What is a white perch? Old timers wax poetic about white bass fishing on Lakes Greenwood, Hartwell, and a handful of mountain lakes... Read More

More About Coyotes

Phillip Gentry Coyotes have been in the news a lot over the last several years as human/coyote encounters are on the rise. These encounters are not just occurring in remote wilderness areas but increased sightings are being reported around suburban neighborhoods, which is one reason why they end up... Read More

Winter Shad Kills Tempt Anglers To Brave The Cold

With the onslaught of frigid temperatures across most of the country over the past couple of weeks, many sportsmen who planned to move straight from the woods after deer season and on to the water are having a change of heart. The only thing more miserable than sitting in tree on a cold windy day... Read More