Upstate Outdoors Blogs

Yield To Wildlife During Summer Activities

Phillip Gentry With the long suffered winter and the few days that South Carolina gets that passes for spring over, area residents are looking forward to enjoying their summer. For many this includes getting out and about and enjoying the great outdoors from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the sunny... Read More

Getting Back To Your Fishing Roots

Phillip Gentry Many die hard anglers started out in the fishing world by cutting their teeth bream fishing. Bream, which is the colloquial name for a half dozen species of panfish found in most of our area waters, start spawning in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia starting in mid- March... Read More

Understanding Turkey Season

Phillip Gentry With the close of the 2018 Wild Turkey hunting season this week-end, hunters, wildlife biologists, and land managers are all asking the same questions - How did the season go? Were the harvest numbers up or down? And ultimately, what is the strength of the turkey population for... Read More

Commemorate Your Catch

Phillip Gentry One of the most positive trends in the fishing industry over the last decade has been the move away from killing trophy sized specimens simply for the purpose of documenting the catch to releasing them to continue to grow and provide others with the thrill of a huge fish on the line... Read More

Fourth Quarter Turkey Tips

Phillip Gentry With the rising of the sun on Saturday morning, wild turkey hunters across the state of South Carolina will enter the fourth quarter of the 2018 season. Regardless of your success, or lack of, so far this season, if you’re still holding on to a tag, you have more than ample time to... Read More

Clemson And Clover

Phillip Gentry Whatever the groundhog did back in February to make Spring time so mad seems to be wearing off and it looks like the Upstate may actually have a summer this year. Of all the things that remind you of summer, wildlife food plots probably aren’t very high on the list, but now it the... Read More

Henned Up

Phillip Gentry What does a bear biologist who spends most of her time at work outdoors investigating bears do when she has a few hours off? She goes turkey hunting. That was the agenda for South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Clemson-based wildlife biologist Tammy Wactor on Friday morning... Read More

Slinging Arrows At Turkeys

Phillip Gentry The first question anyone ever asks Scott Hammond of Charleston when they see him packing up his turkey hunting gear is “Where’s your shotgun?”. Hammond just smiles and holds up his trusty Elite Energy 32 bow and heads for his truck. His explanation is that through his lifetime he... Read More

Lee Wins Back-to-Back Classics while Event Draws Record Numbers

Phillip Gentry Before the start of the 2018 Bassmaster Classic, both the fans and the competitors were hoping for record numbers. When the confetti settled on Sunday, March 18 at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, only Jordan Lee, the winner of the prestigious event, and thousands of... Read More