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He Was Born WHERE?

We've heard it all, the attacks on anyone daring to question the "legend" of Barack Obama, native born Hawaiian.
So why did his first literary agent list his birthplace as Kenya? Just a misunderstanding? Confusion over his Father's birthplace?
They got the information from somewhere, presumably from the author himself. At the very least wouldn't they have run this by their client before publication?
"Hey, you guys got it wrong, I was born in Honolulu".
Hmm..here's the story from the Brietbart "Vetting" project.

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05/17/2012 2:09PM
He Was Born WHERE?
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05/18/2012 10:17AM
Joe Arpaio /Andrew Napalitano for POTUS/v
I bet this document wasn't forged with ADOBE in 2011
05/18/2012 10:22AM
Acton & Dystel
I bet this document was not forged on ADOBE software in 2011.
06/14/2012 9:39AM
This topic is so tiring...
The Birthers only make the Right look foolish with this continual rehash. It's a non-issue; forgetaboutit!
02/01/2013 7:36AM
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