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Bob McLain

Bob McLain, the Forrest Gump of Broadcasting, stays on top of what's going on, and whether he sees the humerous side, or the serious side, he's not afraid to share it with you!

A Pig In A Poke

Remember earlier this week when I shared the story of the latest outrage against Islam?
Some Islamophobes had left bacon (gasp) on the grounds of a football field where a post Ramadan event was to be held. The NYPD immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was yet another attack on Islam and Muslims! The Police Commish said he was going to trrack down the url of someone who had posted anti-Muslim comments on a website.
Crime of the Century solved..and it had nothing to do with Muslims, Ramadan or anything else.
Here's the explanation, wait until CAIR hears about this. I'll be interested to see how they try to spin it.

Cruel 'Islamophobic Crime' in Staten Island, Solved!

Andrew Bostom
The Staten Island Advance is reporting that a message was left Tuesday (8/22/12) on a reporter's voicemail which (one would hope) solves yet another faux "hate crime" against Muslims, again ginned up by the Hamas front and unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation jihad terror funding trial, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The male caller, in a 9:20 a.m. message left on Staten Island Advance reporter Deborah Young's voice mail Tuesday (8/22/12), stated:

Hi, Deborah. This is-I was reading the article about the horrible incident of bacon and Muslims in the park and I wanted to let you know that is not my intention. I had put the bacon there. It was going bad in my trunk and I put it out for the scavengers like the opossums and the raccoons and sea gulls, and I did not intend for that to cause anybody any problems. It was not any (inaudible) anti-Muslim act, and I did not want to offend anybody in way. Thank you and have a good day.

Indeed, notwithstanding the transparent efforts of cultural jihadist groups like CAIR to manufacture evidence of "Islamophobia," bona fide hate crimes in the US, as per FBI statistics, are uncommon, overall, and at least 6-fold (i.e., 600%) more likely to be directed at Jews, relative to Muslims.


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Thoughts on the Quiet Majority and Chick-Fil-A

Yesterday's turnout in support of 1st Amendment free speech rights and Chick-Fil-A owner Dan Cathy should have liberals knees knocking together like castanets. it wasn't just a Red State/Blue State thing. People lined up around the block in places like California and Massachusets, not exactly hot beds of conservatism.
It showed just how ticked off Americans are with the Socialist tilt of the Obama administration. It sends a clear message about what's going to happen in November. The signals are all there. No President since FDR has ever been reelected with the unemployment rate stuck above 8%. Even FDR's numbers showed improvement when he won, unlike the current state of affairs. Personal popularity, another yardstick for measuring re-election chances is also falling for "O". His mean spirited sarcasm directed at traditiional values is beginning to show people the man behind the mask. His "You didn't build that" comment may well turn out to be the 4 words that hurt him the most.
I got a lot of text messages, FB postings and emails about yesterday's turnout. Here's a sample from a listener named Ray.
I've been sitting here today watching and thinking. If you knew me you would know that the latter is very dangerous. lol

I've been thinking about the turnout at Chick-Fil-A on this fine day.  What happened today at the Chic-Filets all over the country was a true inspiration. Unless I'm badly mistaken it was also a prediction of things to come.

Four years ago if the gays had done what they are doing now by boycotting/bashing Chic-Fil-A and someone put out a call for people to support them I don't doubt that there would have been a mild surge in sales. But I'd wager we would not have seen the kind of response we saw today. Sure, 4 years ago a few Christian-values-families would have paid CF a visit to show support. But today what we saw went way beyond a few church going families. It went a lot deeper and I believe it drew people in that probably don't think to often about Christian values. From all the reports I've heard there were just too many of them in every town.

Unless I'm misreading what happened today, it speaks volumes. It tells us that people of every race, religion and economic bearing are sick and tired of the direction this country has taken since 2008. People are completely fed up with the liberal/leftist idiocy they are seeing in their country. They are being bombarded with it from every venue...from the major media, advertising, entertainment and even some businesses. That goes totally against the American grain. It's not how we have done things in this country since it's founding. The things people have been putting up with are completely alien to a red blooded American.

So today they had an opportunity to actually do something besides just complain. They were given a chance to show their support of sanity and the American way with their feet and their billfolds...and by God, in a lot of cases for God...they showed up. They showed up by the hundreds, the thousands everywhere there was a CF to go to. In some cases if they didn't have one near they drove as far as they needed to drive so that they too could show their support.

The turnout was amazing. It made me proud to be an American. I was told that in Florence the crowd waiting in line and for their food broke out into spontaneous song, they sung 'Amazing Grace'.

Today I regained a lot of the confidence I had lost in my country and it's citizens.

I truly believe what we saw today was a prelude to the elections come November. I think we are going to see more people voting than have ever voted before in this country. And I don't think those people will be coming out for Obama, since he is an integral part and a partial instigator of the leftist madness we've been seeing these past 4 years.

My only worry is the old saying, "It's not the voters who decide elections, it's the people counting the votes."

But there's also another saying that I've oft heard, and I paraphrase, "It's hard to cheat in a landslide."

Here's hoping we have a landslide in November.

Thanks for your time,

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Football Season Dead Ahead

We're getting plans in place for our biggest and best season of football yet.
The Panthers come back to Wofford on Friday, July 27 to open training camp. Really high expectations for the team this year. With QB Cam Newton, last seasons  NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year back for his sophomore season and a pretty good draft this spring it should be an exciting year.
We'll carry all the Panthers games again this season beginning with the first Pre Season game on Saturday, August 11th when they host Houston. The Panthers Coaches Show with Coach Ron Rivera will be heard on Monday nights statrting July 30th at 8pm.
The defending State Champion Byrnes Rebels are also getting ready for kickoff on Saturday, August 25th when they travel to Chesepeake, Virginia. This year Greg McKinney joins us as the Voice of the Rebels for all the play-by-play.
A new feature this season will be our own WORD Scoreboard show, "The Friday Night Wrap" hosted by "Lonzo" Writesel from our Saturday Scoreboard Show. We'll have all the scores plus interviews and highlights immediately following the Byrnes postgame. 
Another new addition this year will be on Saturday mornings from 7-8 a.m., "Pigskin & Eggs". Ken Blankenship will host the live 1 hour broadcast from a  local restaurant location to be announced later. He'll have a complete wrap up of all the action from here in the Upstate and around the state. You're invited to drop by for the broadcast. We'll let you know what the location will be shortly.
Another new feature this season will be an entire new webpage devoted to High School sports, beginning with football. This will be your one stop web location for all the scores and details from games. More to be announced about that later as well.
Of course Lonzo and Matt will be back for another season of the Upstate's best scores/information program, The Scoreboard Show on Saturday nights from 7-9pm. They'll wrap up all the college games and preview the NFL games each week.

So get ready for another great season of even more expanded coverage of the Panthers and High School Football here on WORD.
Stay tuned for more details soon!  
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He Was Born WHERE?

We've heard it all, the attacks on anyone daring to question the "legend" of Barack Obama, native born Hawaiian.
So why did his first literary agent list his birthplace as Kenya? Just a misunderstanding? Confusion over his Father's birthplace?
They got the information from somewhere, presumably from the author himself. At the very least wouldn't they have run this by their client before publication?
"Hey, you guys got it wrong, I was born in Honolulu".
Hmm..here's the story from the Brietbart "Vetting" project.
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Worst News Yet for Obama In Latest Poll Numbers

Hmm, when even a CBS News/NY Times Poll shows Obama's chances for a 2nd term are diminishing, you know there's trouble in the worker's paradise.
When you couple this with blowback from the black community over his "evolution" on gay marriage he's got real trouble. The location of the Democrat Convention in Charlotte later this year is a further embarassment with the Tar Heel state's passage of the ban on gay marriage.
Here's the story on the latest polling data.
This May Be The Most Disastrous-Looking Poll For Obama Yet

The new CBS/New York Times poll out last evening is, on the surface, the biggest disaster for the Barack Obama campaign at this point in the 2012 election.
Down overall? Check. Voters frustrated with the economy and how things are going? Check. Gay marriage endorsement backfire? Check.
But this might be the worst underlier of all: Obama is even losing among women.
Now, before we delve deeper, we should point out the funky methodology that has some — ranging on the spectrum from the Obama campaign to the National Journal — questioning how the results hold up.
This is a "panel-back" survey — the same voters were polled this time as were polled in mid-April. Only 562 of the original 856 registered voters re-responded to the poll this time around.
Still, the poll oversamples Democrats — among registered voters, the sample pool is composed of 36 percent Democrats, 34 percent Independents and 30 percent Republicans.
Romney's overall lead stands at 46 percent to 43 percent. Last month, the two candidates were deadlocked. There are a few underliers that spell disaster for Barack Obama.
First is the women vote. What the heck happened here? Last month, Obama led among women by 6 percentage points. In this poll, he's trailing Romney by 2 points in the women's vote. It's an even bigger shift when you consider other surveys, like last month's CNN poll that found Obama destroying Romney among women by 16 points.

CBS/NYT poll
Independents also continue to flock to Mitt Romney. He's up in that category by 7 points, though it's worth noting that Obama captures the self-described "moderate" vote by 11 points.
And this is the third poll that shows the President's gay marriage endorsement is causing some backlash with voters. This time, voters go beyond just saying they are less likely to vote for him — 22 percent are less likely, vs. 14 percent more likely.
But the kicker: Most voters believe that Obama's endorsement came about for political reasons. This doesn't make a whole lot of sense and lines up in direct contrast with the fact that more people are now less likely to vote for him. Still, even Democrats are suspicious.

CBS/NYT poll
We've reached out to CBS for a little more comment on the methodology, but what a disaster on the surface.
And now the Obama campaign is claiming the poll is "biased." >>

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Obama's Hall Of Blame

It's a simple formula really. If something fails, blame Bush!  If it succeeds, take all the credit yourself, even if someone else was mostly responsible for it.
Check out the blog piece, Hall of Blame, here..
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Killing babies no different than abortion experts say!

This is the story that I shared yesterday on the show. It's a story from a London paper quoting experts from Oxford.
This is the most outrageous position I have ever heard. Read for yourself what the Ethics experts of academia think.
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Spring forward!

This is the dreaded time change weekend. A helpful emailer, Chris, sent me this handy checklist for getting all the clocks changed.
Hope this helps! LOL

As the weekend approaches, the dreaded semi-annual changing of the clocks will occur.  I’ve prepared a some instructions to help you in this process.  Don’t forget, “Spring back to fall forward”:
Car clocks
1.        It is important to remember that, in spite of what any of the male gender may tell you, this process can be completed at speeds under 75 mph and in most domestic models can even be done in Park.
2.       Find the button on your dash that says “Clock.”
3.       Okay, you don’t have one.
4.       It’s probably really on your radio.  Hit the “FM” button and the first button under the radio.
5.       You have probably now successfully changed your radio station (permanently).
6.       You have now covered the preliminary steps, so it is time to actually change the time.
7.       Hit the button that says “settings” and then “clear.”
8.       Now set your blower fan to high and put the car in reverse.  Turn the steering wheel three complete revolutions and honk the horn the same number of times as the new hour setting.  (this will not change the clock, but will alert the person behind you that you are coming their direction and in a big circle!).
9.       Contact your insurance agent on the built-in car phone (if you know how to use it) to report damage.
10.   Wear a watch set for the appropriate time or learn to add or subtract an hour.
Microwave clock
1.       Find the “clear” button on your microwave.  It won’t do anything in this process, but it’s good to know where it is.
2.       Hit the “clock” button, followed by the “defrost” button and the “popcorn” setting. (Another good piece of information if you ever want to defrost popcorn at a certain time of day when you are out of the house)
3.       Hit “clock” again.  Enter the new time (by now, about 10 minutes later than when your originally started). 
4.       If nothing happens, you have successfully followed these instructions. 
5.       Locate your owners’ manual for the microwave.  (by now about 73 minutes will have passed from your original time check, so be sure to adjust).
6.       Try to find the portion of your owner’s manual that is in English.  If you cannot, Berlitz has a website that you can use to begin translation.
7.       Follow the directions in your owner’s manual.
8.       Go to the drugstore and buy a small clock to put above your microwave that will now show the correct time.
9.       Try to figure out how to restore your microwave to a setting that will allow you to cook.
Computer Clock
1.       Go to the “Settings” tab in the lower left corner of your home screen and find a picture of a clock.
2.       Using your mouse, click and hold on the hour hand of the clock and move the hour hand.  It won’t do anything to change the time, but it’s kinda fun.
3.       Go to the “?” Help button and type in “change the clock”.  This also won’t do anything and is not nearly so much fun, so this step is optional.
4.       Head down to the book store to find “Windows for Dummies” or “The Idiot’s Guide to Windows.”  If you are not sure if you are a dummy or an idiot, I can’t help you.  These books may be to advanced for you.
5.       Follow the directions in the book.
6.       As I suspected, that didn’t really help – did it?
7.       Find a 7 year old in the neighborhood and ask them for help.
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Breitbart Dead

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Lowdown on The Scottish Games

One of my annual favorite events is going to be even bigger and better this year.
Check out the link for what's up with the Scottish games this year!
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