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Sharon Day is President of Greenville-based Sales Activation Group. They help companies who are frustrated with their current team’s performance and/or turnover, teaching a strategic process for revenue generation and employee development.  For more information call 864.293.6633 or e-mail: sharon@2activatesales.com

Tough Job

It is so easy to be critical of the Police.  I don't like seeing their blue lights come up behind me anymore than any of you. However, I wouldn't do their job for ANY amount of money.  Imagine, walking up on a robbery in progress.  Walking in on a Domestic Dispute where guns and weapons are drawn and tempers flair. I hear of these "routine" traffic stops that all to often result in violence, an officer being shot and killed on the side of the road.  I can't imagine!  So before you go bashing the cops think about what YOU would do!  Thats all...

03/06/2014 8:25AM
Tough Job
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