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Russ Cassell

Russ Cassell is one of The Upstate's greatest exports. If you really want to know what's going on, you need to check out Russ' blog, because Russ will tell it as it is!

The War On Christmas....What do you say to an atheist who is offended?

I have told them both on and off the air....God loves and believes in you, even if you don't love or believe in him....check out this years battles...






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12/14/2011 10:59AM
The War On Christmas....What do you say to an atheist who is offended?
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02/05/2012 3:56PM
Be Offended
Russ, The easiest way to challenge the atheist is to say "I am offended by your belief" any just walk away. I have done this several times and it takes the wind right out of their sail. At this point "they" are trying to formulate to definition of offended. Leaves most of them with a dumb look on their face Big D in Lyman
12/19/2012 10:03PM
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