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Russ Cassell

Russ Cassell is one of The Upstate's greatest exports. If you really want to know what's going on, you need to check out Russ' blog, because Russ will tell it as it is!


I swore that I would never talk publicly about a diet plan again because the good lord knows that I have tried them all. However this is different. For the past 3 weeks I have been doing the new Saskatoon Lo Carb Paleo Plan. I wanted to test it to see if it would help me and as I said at the beginning I was not going to talk publicly about it. But, an amazing thing happened. I  lost 6 lbs. but, even better, my average blood sugar  dropped 30 points. As many of you know I am diabetic and have to wear an insulin pump. The way the pump works is I check my blood sugar and enter the amount of carbs that am going to have at every meal. The pump then computes the amount of insulin I need and delivers that through a port in my belly. The key part here is the carbohydrates in the food and the type of carb. Some carbs  cause blood sugar to go up ( white bread, white potatoes, white pasta, etc...) while other carbs  do not. These are called low glycemic which simply means that you don't get that quick spike in your blood sugar. When you eat better carbs you have better control of your blood sugar and you don't have to take as much insulin which , by the way, helps to lose weight because insulin is a FAT STORAGE HORMONE. So, my friend Edmund Woo at Saskatoon Steaks , Fish and Wildgame ( our families favorite restaurant) started researching this over a year ago and has shared it with a few friends and he asked me to try it. IT IS FANTASTIC. The food is gourmet as only the chefs at Saskatoon can do it and it is vacuumed sealed ready for the microwave or oven. You get 3 meals a day ( breakfast, lunch and dinner) plus 2 snacks a day and you also get desert. It is perfect for people with busy schedules or for those who don't want to cook in this hot weather. Folks this is REAL FOOD.... steaks, chicken, fish. shrimp... and it is  GOURMET, FULLY PREPARED, LOW CARB, ALMOST GLUTEN FREE, and all for about the same price that you spend daily or weekly. Plus we have the RUSS CASSELL DEALS IF YOU SIGN UP RIGHT NOW. Click here to get more info http://www.saskatoonrestaurant.com/low-carb-paleo.html 

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07/10/2012 10:48AM
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Love the new format&your take on news
Russ,I am 1 of those Americans that is trying hard to find a job.Really hope I can be a person that wins one of those 1,000 prizes.Always enjoy your program.Was surprised to hear how you turned down going international.Your very multi talented&deserve to be at top of your game.Liz Sure like to know what you thin about Dr.Benjamin Carson?Can't say I heard you talk much about him.
06/20/2014 5:02PM
Link isn't working
Your link above to the paleo diet is not working.
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