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Obama, Contraception and "After Birth Abortion"

The U. S. Senate voted against freedom, the constitution and the american people by rejecting "The Respect for Rights of Conscience Act" authored by Sen. Roy Blunt. It would have exempted employers from an Obamacare mandate to provide contraception, abortion pills and even sterilization to their employess even if that employer happens to be a church or an affiliated organization. I think this is a turning point for our country because soon we will all have to choose between a government thats thinks of itself of God and our heavenly Father who is our lord and savior. Who will you obey?



What's behind the thinking of the left on abortion? Read this ,because this is the most revealing and outrageous stories of my lifetime...



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03/02/2012 11:32AM
Obama, Contraception and "After Birth Abortion"
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11/21/2012 11:57AM
choice before abortion
Why should a woman have to wait till its too late to choose between careerand family? Men don't have to choose. They can enjoy all the sex they want without it being devastating to their life and career. If birth control pills were made available to women there would be a lot less abortions being done. Women should have the same rights and choices as men. We can serve our country in the same manner as men. We can head the household. Why can't we enjoy sex?
12/18/2012 2:45AM
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