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Thoughts on the Quiet Majority and Chick-Fil-A

Yesterday's turnout in support of 1st Amendment free speech rights and Chick-Fil-A owner Dan Cathy should have liberals knees knocking together like castanets. it wasn't just a Red State/Blue State thing. People lined up around the block in places like California and Massachusets, not exactly hot beds of conservatism.
It showed just how ticked off Americans are with the Socialist tilt of the Obama administration. It sends a clear message about what's going to happen in November. The signals are all there. No President since FDR has ever been reelected with the unemployment rate stuck above 8%. Even FDR's numbers showed improvement when he won, unlike the current state of affairs. Personal popularity, another yardstick for measuring re-election chances is also falling for "O". His mean spirited sarcasm directed at traditiional values is beginning to show people the man behind the mask. His "You didn't build that" comment may well turn out to be the 4 words that hurt him the most.
I got a lot of text messages, FB postings and emails about yesterday's turnout. Here's a sample from a listener named Ray.
I've been sitting here today watching and thinking. If you knew me you would know that the latter is very dangerous. lol

I've been thinking about the turnout at Chick-Fil-A on this fine day.  What happened today at the Chic-Filets all over the country was a true inspiration. Unless I'm badly mistaken it was also a prediction of things to come.

Four years ago if the gays had done what they are doing now by boycotting/bashing Chic-Fil-A and someone put out a call for people to support them I don't doubt that there would have been a mild surge in sales. But I'd wager we would not have seen the kind of response we saw today. Sure, 4 years ago a few Christian-values-families would have paid CF a visit to show support. But today what we saw went way beyond a few church going families. It went a lot deeper and I believe it drew people in that probably don't think to often about Christian values. From all the reports I've heard there were just too many of them in every town.

Unless I'm misreading what happened today, it speaks volumes. It tells us that people of every race, religion and economic bearing are sick and tired of the direction this country has taken since 2008. People are completely fed up with the liberal/leftist idiocy they are seeing in their country. They are being bombarded with it from every venue...from the major media, advertising, entertainment and even some businesses. That goes totally against the American grain. It's not how we have done things in this country since it's founding. The things people have been putting up with are completely alien to a red blooded American.

So today they had an opportunity to actually do something besides just complain. They were given a chance to show their support of sanity and the American way with their feet and their billfolds...and by God, in a lot of cases for God...they showed up. They showed up by the hundreds, the thousands everywhere there was a CF to go to. In some cases if they didn't have one near they drove as far as they needed to drive so that they too could show their support.

The turnout was amazing. It made me proud to be an American. I was told that in Florence the crowd waiting in line and for their food broke out into spontaneous song, they sung 'Amazing Grace'.

Today I regained a lot of the confidence I had lost in my country and it's citizens.

I truly believe what we saw today was a prelude to the elections come November. I think we are going to see more people voting than have ever voted before in this country. And I don't think those people will be coming out for Obama, since he is an integral part and a partial instigator of the leftist madness we've been seeing these past 4 years.

My only worry is the old saying, "It's not the voters who decide elections, it's the people counting the votes."

But there's also another saying that I've oft heard, and I paraphrase, "It's hard to cheat in a landslide."

Here's hoping we have a landslide in November.

Thanks for your time,

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08/02/2012 10:02AM
Thoughts on the Quiet Majority and Chick-Fil-A
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08/09/2012 6:15AM
Colonel Ted
I decided not to show my support of Chick-fil-A by dealing with long lines both inside and the drive-thru, on Wednesday of last week, because I was recovering from surgery I had two days earlier. Instead I went Friday to a store on a main thoroughfare in Greenville, when the possibility existed that some militant homosexuals would show up for a potentially disruptive "Kiss-in" (barf). The experience I had was one I won't soon forget. I was there for three hours, 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm (closing time), with my laptop and some reading to catch up on. Because I was wearing my Vietnam Veteran cap and explained that I was there to possibly intervene if a "scene" developed, I was treated grandly by a great group of wholesome young people working that shift, and I was the beneficiary of a free chicken sandwich and cup of coffee. The whole week last week showed me that the November elections could be a conservative blow-out. It served as a tremendous shot-in-the-arm for me and countless others, I am sure. Forward!
09/12/2012 3:55PM
Claim: Obama hid 'gay life' to become president
02/01/2013 6:13PM
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