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Sharon Day is President of Greenville-based Sales Activation Group. They help companies who are frustrated with their current team’s performance and/or turnover, teaching a strategic process for revenue generation and employee development.  For more information call 864.293.6633 or e-mail: sharon@2activatesales.com

Do You Have a ?Big 5? for 2013?

If not, I urge you to develop this short list of the most important things you need to do, accomplish, learn, create, change, give up, believe in, etc., in order to realize the growth and success you deserve next year.

This is the time of year when you see ads for goal-setting workshops and you start to consider New Year’s resolutions.  Although attending a workshop would force you to get the job done, I wanted to share with you how to develop your list on your own in five steps.

1. Schedule a mandatory meeting.
Set aside time to reflect and think, usually one to two hours.  

2. Cover all aspects of life then prioritize.
Consider community/contribution to others, personal, family & other relationships, business/career, financial, recreation, health & fitness (physical, mental, spiritual).  After thinking through all these categories, prioritize your top five – these will be your ‘Big 5’ and will keep you focused and increase the likelihood that you’ll take action.   Stick with the five until one is accomplished, then you can replace that with another if you’d like.

3. Be specific, realistic and clear.  
A simple trick to writing out your goals so others easily ‘get’ them is to make sure each contains a verb, noun and date.  Here are some examples:
    To begin mentoring someone new by January 30th
To revise the website by April 30th
To travel to The Keys in March

4, Write out the action steps needed to accomplish your goals.
This may require you to schedule a second mandatory meeting.  Make a list of action items that also include a verb, noun and date.  Consider constraints and roadblocks that may need to be removed.  If you require the assistance of others, add their name.  Be clear as to what you expect/need from them (what, how much, by when).  

5. Share.
Communication is critical.  None of us can accomplish all that we want to without help.  When employees know what their manager’s top priorities are, it’s easier for them to buy in and engage.  When children realize why something is important to their parent, it’s easier to be supportive and understanding.  

Good luck!  If you would like some worksheets just e-mail me and I’d be happy to send them to you.  Here’s to 2013 being our best year ever!

01/07/2013 9:45AM
Do You Have a ‘Big 5’ for 2013?
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