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Spring forward!

This is the dreaded time change weekend. A helpful emailer, Chris, sent me this handy checklist for getting all the clocks changed.
Hope this helps! LOL

As the weekend approaches, the dreaded semi-annual changing of the clocks will occur.  I’ve prepared a some instructions to help you in this process.  Don’t forget, “Spring back to fall forward”:
Car clocks
1.        It is important to remember that, in spite of what any of the male gender may tell you, this process can be completed at speeds under 75 mph and in most domestic models can even be done in Park.
2.       Find the button on your dash that says “Clock.”
3.       Okay, you don’t have one.
4.       It’s probably really on your radio.  Hit the “FM” button and the first button under the radio.
5.       You have probably now successfully changed your radio station (permanently).
6.       You have now covered the preliminary steps, so it is time to actually change the time.
7.       Hit the button that says “settings” and then “clear.”
8.       Now set your blower fan to high and put the car in reverse.  Turn the steering wheel three complete revolutions and honk the horn the same number of times as the new hour setting.  (this will not change the clock, but will alert the person behind you that you are coming their direction and in a big circle!).
9.       Contact your insurance agent on the built-in car phone (if you know how to use it) to report damage.
10.   Wear a watch set for the appropriate time or learn to add or subtract an hour.
Microwave clock
1.       Find the “clear” button on your microwave.  It won’t do anything in this process, but it’s good to know where it is.
2.       Hit the “clock” button, followed by the “defrost” button and the “popcorn” setting. (Another good piece of information if you ever want to defrost popcorn at a certain time of day when you are out of the house)
3.       Hit “clock” again.  Enter the new time (by now, about 10 minutes later than when your originally started). 
4.       If nothing happens, you have successfully followed these instructions. 
5.       Locate your owners’ manual for the microwave.  (by now about 73 minutes will have passed from your original time check, so be sure to adjust).
6.       Try to find the portion of your owner’s manual that is in English.  If you cannot, Berlitz has a website that you can use to begin translation.
7.       Follow the directions in your owner’s manual.
8.       Go to the drugstore and buy a small clock to put above your microwave that will now show the correct time.
9.       Try to figure out how to restore your microwave to a setting that will allow you to cook.
Computer Clock
1.       Go to the “Settings” tab in the lower left corner of your home screen and find a picture of a clock.
2.       Using your mouse, click and hold on the hour hand of the clock and move the hour hand.  It won’t do anything to change the time, but it’s kinda fun.
3.       Go to the “?” Help button and type in “change the clock”.  This also won’t do anything and is not nearly so much fun, so this step is optional.
4.       Head down to the book store to find “Windows for Dummies” or “The Idiot’s Guide to Windows.”  If you are not sure if you are a dummy or an idiot, I can’t help you.  These books may be to advanced for you.
5.       Follow the directions in the book.
6.       As I suspected, that didn’t really help – did it?
7.       Find a 7 year old in the neighborhood and ask them for help.

03/06/2012 1:34PM
Spring forward!
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