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Birthers are back? Sort of.

The question of the eligibility of Barack Obama to occupy the office of President has been roiling for years. Efforts to get the courts to take a look at this issue have failed. Until now. Forget about where he may have been born, the validity of the "official" birth certificate released by the White House and all the rest. The critical issue now facing Obama is this' he is not the child of 2 American citizens. Couple this with the fact that there is an existing Supreme Court ruling that says to be a "natural born citizen", you must have had 2 parents who were citizens. That's the tack taken in a Georgia lawsuit that challenges Obama's eligibility on that basis. Here's the story.

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01/24/2012 11:32AM
Birthers are back? Sort of.
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01/26/2012 3:53PM
Fathers Birth
Obama's father was not born in Kenya. He was born in British East Africa. It did not become "Kenya" until the mid 60's. He was a British citizen.
01/26/2012 4:00PM
Fathers Birthplace
Again, Obama's father's birthplace didn't become the Republic of Kenya ubtil December of 1963.
01/26/2012 4:22PM
Contempt of Court
If President Obama refuses to show up in court, and is charged with Failure to Appear, then a Warrant is issued, who serves the Warrant? Is that a duty of a Court Constable, a Deputy Sheriff, A US Marshal, or a Federal Officer, like a Bounty Hunter? Wonder what "Dog" has planned next week?
02/03/2012 9:42AM
SC Sec. of State
Question for Nikki Haley - why aren't we pushing this in our great rebel state, seems we should be leading the charge? Thanks again for all your work Bob
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