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Sharon Day is President of Greenville-based Sales Activation Group. They help companies who are frustrated with their current team’s performance and/or turnover, teaching a strategic process for revenue generation and employee development.  For more information call 864.293.6633 or e-mail: sharon@2activatesales.com
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She did WHAT?
Union Officers have arrested Tammy Lloyd of Buffalo for reportedly stealing a broach from the body of a dead family member during visitation. According to the police report, deputies spoke to Dora Scroggins who said a distant relative took the jewelry off her deceased mother's body during the viewing at her home. She says Lloyd also created a disturbance at the grave side service. Now, Lloyd is charged with larceny. The broach is valued at $30.
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It seems Americans are drawing inspiration from all sorts of places when it comes to naming their babies. The top baby names of 2013 include the influences of Miley Cyrus, the cast of Duck Dynasty and even Prince George of Cambridge. The name Miley jumped up 16 spots from last year to spot 459 on BabyCenter's list of top names for 2013, while the name George rose 10% for boys, landing it at number 107. The name Korie, which belongs to a cast member of Duck Dynasty, rose a whopping 89% in popularity and Silas jumped up 15% in popularity. The top 10 girls' name of 2013 are: 1) Sophia; 2) Emma; 3) Olivia; 4) Isabella; 5) Mia; 6) Ava; 7) Lily; 8) Zoe; 9) Emily and 10) Chloe The top 10 boys' names of 2013 are: 1) Jackson 2) Aiden 3) Liam 4) Lucas 5) Noah 6) Mason 7) Jayden 8) Ethan 9) Jacob and # 10) Jack And in keeping with the top 10’s Condomania ranked the states with the largest average penis size. The results were determined by which state bought the most “large sized” condoms. #1 is North Dakota, 2 Rhode Island, 3 South Dakota, 4 Washington, D.C, 5 Massachusetts, 6 is Ohio, 7 Arizona, 8 Alabama, 9 is New York and the reason I did the story coming in at #10 is South Carolina. That’s all!
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Do you spend more time working on your online social network than you do on your real-life friends? A new poll reveals that about 30% of Americans say they haven’t seen any of their Facebook friends in real life in the past two months. The survey revealed that just 10% of those polled said they’d seen 90% or more of their Facebook friends in the last two-months. Blogger Susan MacTavish conducted the poll on her blog, Living Mactvish. MacTavish says, “Offline is the new online. In this era of constant texting, Tweeting and Facebooking, lots of us are hungry for slower-paced, face-to-face conversation. I want people to entertain more. I want to save the world one dinner party at a time.”
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